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native den

while i haven’t been active on this blog recently, i’ve been anything but inactive.  i’m starting up a music project with some friends, hopefully it will carry on the name we philistines, but that will be determined down the road.  i’ve also started up a new business building quality-made, modern furniture and home decor accessories with a close friend of mine, called native den.  the first step of getting the name out there is creating a youtube channel, which i am happy to report now has its very first video on.  if you like DIY projects that you would actually be proud of displaying in your home without shame, and you like to make your home look like a restoration hardware catalogue without the accompanying price tag, then watch my new video below.  if you like it, subscribe and share the video with your friends!  we also have a step by step guide for you to follow along in the build to create your own of this really cool free-standing industrial toilet paper holder, just follow the link.

the plan is to release new videos every 2-3 weeks for the rest of the summer, so if you don’t see blog posts here but are wondering what i’m up to, this is a great way to keep up with me…

and again, thanks watching/reading/listening.