1.  a person who has an inability to appreciate the beauty or value in art or culture. one who has no appreciation of intellectual or artistic values.

2. One who lacks knowledge in a specific area.
i spent 5 years of my life giving up on the things i enjoyed most in life because i thought they were holding me back. i had mistaken money for happiness, so i set aside my “foolish” pursuits in music and travel and love in the hopes that all of those things would fall into place once my career got me where i needed to be.  i became a philistine. when it didn’t bring me the peace i hoped for, i left the corporate world on a journey to see for myself what makes people happy in other places outside the US. i bought a one-way ticket to the birthplace of western civilization, a melting pot of art, music, culture, food, wine, and myriad other “foolish” pursuits:  europe.
this is my travelogue of the places i went and the things i saw.  the people i met and the tastes i experienced.  and most importantly, the things i learned about the world and my place in it.
afternoons on the avenue in prague
afternoons on the avenue in prague

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Brandon, hope the travels are going well? Just wanted to drop a note to say it was great to meet you in Vienna last week, and we enjoyed the late night musings. We enjoyed reading your blog.. Drop us a note if you’re ever in Cambridge, UK!

    James and Slavka


    1. thanks james! loved meeting you and slavka as well! you guys will definitely get a shout-out once i finally get to writing about vienna…


  2. Brandon!!!
    I can’t believe I just found out about your amazing adventures…actually, I can cuz I’m lame. But anyway…WOW!! This is so great and I’m stoked you are pushing the envelope and going for it. Loving what I’m hearing and reading. Rock on!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks donO! miss hangin out with ya, but thanks for reading! it’s been an exciting journey, but i’m only halfway thru at this point! more to come…


  3. Lovely intro, the explanation of your ‘philistine-ness’. I didn’t know, it’s a very good metaphor for your search of what really matters in life. The wordpress site doesn’t work yet, so to see? Clicking anywhere always throws me back to the icelandic opening homepage. Only the ‘about’-link seems to go anywhere. That’s how I got here, on this page. (i’m using Firefox, in case you want to know).


    1. thanks jonathan, i was not aware of this. once i have a more reliable wifi connection i will have to do some troubleshooting.


  4. So that’s what Philistine means. It was the name that intrigued me to click.
    You have captured a whole lot of Prague in that one picture. Another one of those cities I’ve said False Farewell to 🙂

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